Woodway UK Support Storopack & Big Blue Ocean Cleanup

Woodway UK supported supplier Storopack and Big Blue Ocean Cleanup by carrying out a beach clean at Chapel St. Leonards, Lincolnshire. The focus of the event was on clearing microplastic and small plastic rubbish, harmful to ocean and aquatic life, from the beach.

15 volunteers from across Storopack’s UK operations and one from its German Head Office were joined by the Marketing Manager at Woodway UK to support this event.

As a sponsor, Storopack recently became a partner of the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup. A non-profit foundation, the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup actively raise awareness of the plight of the world’s oceans, through beach cleaning, offshore cleaning, educational programmes and  providing up-to-date comprehensive information to its partners and the public.

Richard Pulfrey, Managing Director, Storopack UK, comments “We are extremely pleased to partner the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup. Our main focus was to pick up microplastics and small plastics. These small plastic fragments enter natural ecosystems from a variety of sources and pollute the environment. We were amazed at the wide range of litter which even included discarded barbecues. We are proud to have made a contribution to the clean-up on this enormous beach. Big Blue Ocean Cleanup goes hand in hand with our own objectives to promote the circular economy and encourage to use of recycled plastic products and responsible recycling.”

Amy Jenkinson, Marketing Manager, Woodway UK adds, “Being able to support Storopack and Big Blue Ocean Cleanup was a privilege. With so much media attention on the damage microplastics do in the marine environment, it was an excellent opportunity to do something hands-on and be involved in removing these from the beach before they enter the sea.”

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup contacted the local council who were appreciative of the pro-environmental action, clearing an accumulation of micoplastics, marine debris and general rubbish on the beach. All waste collected on the day was delivered to the local recycling services.

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