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One complete package, enabling you to accelerate online retail performance.

For retailers seeking competitive advantage in online retail, Retail Master gives you the edge.

From provision of extensive benchmarking data, performance ranking information, in-depth analysis and reports, through to bespoke market insight presentations that are personalised for your company, Retail Master gives you unfair advantage, equipping you with the data, knowledge and insight you need to lead business growth. Find out how below.

It All Starts with Data & Analysis

Retail Master membership provides you with unrivalled access to the data and analysis that is vital to drive the performance of your online business, from monthly and quarterly benchmarking reports, to your very own data dashboard.

IMRG Capgemini Digital Dashboard

Track your sales performance with precision, using over 40 filters to gain immediate intelligence on the performance of the market segments you select, enabling immediate comparison to your own sales data. Use the Digital Dashboard, to overlay your sales metrics, instantly and conveniently benchmarking your performance against the index. Layer up multiple filters and see detailed information on aggregated sales performance within specific sectors. With IMRG’s in-built security thresholds, rest assured that no individual retailers’ performance can be identified.

Filter options include

  • Product Sector
  • Market Tier (budget/mid/premium)
  • Size (store count & amp; online turnover)
  • Basket Value
  • Retailer Type (multi-channel vs pureplay)

Performance Ranking

By providing your own performance data, as part of Retail Master membership, IMRG are able to give you the ultimate benchmarking experience for online retailers wanting complete insight into how they compare to the competition. Reveal where your company ranks against other retailers, across more than 80 different performance metrics. Expose what the top performers are doing differently, inform your strategy and increase your online performance.

In-depth Insight: The ‘Why’ and ‘How’ Behind the Numbers

Retail Master membership is about much more than just data. With weekly insight in our blogs, newsletters, webinars and special reports, we help you understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind the data across a multitude of topics, from funnel optimisation, customer experience, acquisition and retention to payments, delivery and industry trends.


Insight Vault

Take advantage of IMRG data, analysis and intelligence when it suits you. Exclusive to Retail Master Members, Insight Vault gives you and your team, instant, search able access to our archive of market data, reports and content from Data Breakfasts, Webinars and Optimisation Guides.

Optimisation Guides are our new best practice insight media. Using key performance metric data from our retail panel, we analyse and research to identify best practice functionality and design amongst the high performers. Covering a wide range of topics, including add-to-basket rates, site search usage, basket abandonment, return rates and checkout conversion, these Optimistation Guides don’t just compare your website performance, they help you learn how to improve it.


Join us in person, at one of our 15 annual data breakfasts, covering topics such as customer funnel, site navigation, checkout optimisation and retention strategies. We present our latest data-studies and market insight, giving you knowledge and competitive advantage, to optimise your online performance before the competition. For a complete day of insight, come to any our four full-day London conferences, on the topics of online fashion, customer experience, delivery and industry trends and data. Deepen your knowledge and network with your peers. Each event is packed with market data, retailer keynotes, panel discussions and expert thought leadership, equipping you for growth.

Market Insight Presentation

Exclusively for our Retail Master members, we put the IMRG knowledge base and our expert analysts at your disposal. Gather your team for a 90 minute on-site presentation, with your own personalised performance ranking, tracked across all our key metrics. Gain valuable insight and optimisation recommendations to grow your online business.

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  • Monthly Market Results
  • Quarterly Benchmark
  • Data Webinars
  • Conference Programme
  • IMRG Capgemini Digital Dashboard
  • Data Breakfasts
  • Performance Ranking
  • Insight Vault
  • IMRG Market Insight Report
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  • Webinar
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