IMRG Members-Only Data Webinar

2018 Online Retail Performance by Sector

While 2018 was a year of two distinct halves for online retail as a whole – featuring a strong first half, then tough second half – individual sectors peaked and troughed from month to month and some had mixed fortunes. IMRG run an extensive sales tracker throughout the year, based on data sourced directly from retailers, which shows exactly how sectors did across 2018.

What did we learn about the 14 online retail sectors IMRG tracks and what is going to happen in 2019?

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Join IMRG and SAS as we discuss online retail in 2018 by sector, with data informed by more than 210 leading retailers. By looking at the performance of last year, it’s also possible to give some estimation as to how 2019 will play out, and we’ll be giving our official forecast on sector movements in 2019.

You will learn:

  • How individual sectors performed throughout 2018
  • Patterns for peaks and troughs for individual sectors
  • Forecasts for how sectors are likely to perform across 2019


  • Richard Chalcraft

    Richard Chalcraft

    Customer Intelligence Specialist, SAS

    An experienced business leader, consultant and business developer with a pragmatic understanding of the application of analytics to customer experience and customer management.
  • Andy Mulcahy

    Andy Mulcahy

    Strategy and Insight Director, IMRG

    Andy has worked at the heart of the online retail industry since 2010 – researching and producing reports on trends and developments affecting the sector. During that time, Andy has developed strong knowledge in multiple areas of online retail, with particular expertise in Black Friday.
Event Date 12th Feb 2019 to 12th Feb 2019
Event Time 14:00 to 14:30
Location Online