Understanding the customer funnel


It’s no secret that most visits to retail sites don’t result in an actual sale – a frustratingly high number don’t even make it to a product page.

So what are the factors that retailers can optimise, at each stage of the customer funnel, to help improve the percentage of visitors who make it all the way through to full conversion and then how do you retain those customers to come back and buy from you again? Does it make sense to use the funnel in omnichannel retail? If not what are the other options and how do you make it work for your company?

Join IMRG and SAP Customer Experience at our Customer Funnel Data Breakfast to find out the latest data and insight from the relevant metrics in our Quarterly Benchmark, tracking the performance on retail sites from site entry right through to payment completion, to help you understand how you are faring in this important area and giving you the chance to debate issues with your peers – as well as enjoying a post-January size portion of food, of course.

What will I learn?

The customer journey is becoming more complex and difficult to predict. Customers do not want to be controlled and are very precious about sharing their personal data. So often times, retailers don’t have visibility into why customers are behaving the way they are, they are only seeing the impact of those behaviours not the entire puzzle. During this breakfast meeting we will discuss how you can optimise the various types of customer journeys for better conversion and have more visibility of customer behaviour. We will look at topics such as:

  • Types of customer journeys (linear and non linear)
  • The percentage of visits that reach the various stages of the purchase journey
  • The common elements that strong performing sites use
  • Practices that may restrict the chances of conversion
  • The role of content and social media strategy in customer conversion
  • How to develop a future proof solution for better conversion in the economy of now


Event Date 7th Feb 2019 to 7th Feb 2019
Event Time 08.30 to 10:30
Location TBC

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