IMRG Data Breakfast - Structuring your delivery proposition for conversion and loyalty

A roundtable event revealing brand new insight into customers’ delivery preferences

Exclusive early access to the key findings of IMRG's annual consumer home delivery review (exploring a trendline spanning 11 years of consumer attitudes to home delivery)

Delivery is more than just the handing over of a purchased item – from the perspective of the customer, it represents a huge and, in many ways, determining part of their overall experience; from the retailer’s perspective, getting it right can be the difference between a conversion-boosting loyalty-builder or a lost customer.

What do you need to do to structure your proposition for success in today’s tough market?

Join IMRG and GFS as we cross-reference two distinct datasets – a brand new survey of customers telling us what they want, plus hard data showing how they actually behave on retail sites – to help us decide which delivery options you should offer and how.

You will learn:

  • Customer preferences for the various delivery options
  • Customer perception around environmental issues associated with online retail
  • The impact of displaying delivery and returns information at various stages of the site
  • How the best-converting delivery pages on checkouts are structured
  • Use of additional elements (driver instructions, postcode lookup etc)

At this event you’ll find out how retailers are performing in various areas and learn from best practice examples, plus you get to speak with your peers and debate trends in this area – as well as enjoying a delicious spread of food.

Who Should Attend?

Registration for this event is limited to IMRG retail members only, with the capacity for 15 attendees. All registrants will be reviewed prior to the event.

For more information, contact

Event Date 17th Sep 2019 to 17th Sep 2019
Event Time 08.00 to 10:30
Location London

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