IMRG Data Breakfast - Site Navigation and Optimisation

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However, we're running it again on 6th June under the heading 'Optimising Customer Journeys': please register here to learn the latest data and insight surrounding site navigation.

12 months ago, IMRG ran a study analysing how shoppers navigate their way across retail websites, looking at how various retailers structure the experience and which approaches seem to convert the most effectively.

Join IMRG at our Site Navigation Data Breakfast where we will share the results of our updated study in this area, analysing participant performance from various datasets that we track – identifying the common points between retailers who have the highest rates of performance at various stages, and those with the lowest.

You will learn:

  • What makes for a high bounce rate on retail sites
  • How visitors navigate sites and which journeys lead to better results
  • The effectiveness of filters and sort functionality on conversion

At this event you’ll find out how retailers are performing in various areas and learn from best practice examples, plus you get to speak with your peers and debate trends in this area – as well as enjoying a delicious spread of food.

Who Should Attend?

Registration for this event is limited to IMRG retail members only, with the capacity for 15 attendees. All registrants will be reviewed prior to the event.

For more information, contact

Event Date 29th May 2019 to 29th May 2019
Event Time 08.00 to 10:30
Location London

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