IMRG Data Breakfast - Planning for Black Friday 2019

The peak trading period of the year is almost upon us again – and trading so far in 2019 has been really tough. Will the peak period bring about a shift in fortunes, or is this likely to be the toughest Black Friday / Christmas in a long time?

It’s the time of year when shopping activity is at an annual high, so retailers need to ensure they are gaining their share of the sales. But, as ever with this event, issues remain – how can margins be protected, how should you structure your strategy for the event, how will your supporting operations cope?

Over the Black Friday period IMRG run an extensive series of market performance tracking – including a daily tracker of over 90 retailers’ daily sales figures. Join IMRG at our Black Friday 2019 Planning Data Breakfast where we will dig into the detail of the vast range of data and insight we compile on this important phase of retail trading.

You will learn:

  • Where the sales peaks occurred last year – and where they might be in 2019
  • How retailers approached their campaigns and strategies in 2018
  • The results of our wide suite of Black Friday-specific benchmarks

At this event you’ll find out market averages for how retailers performed during the Black Friday week and learn from best practice examples, plus you get to speak with your peers and debate trends in this area – as well as enjoying a delicious spread of food.

Who Should Attend?

Registration for this event is limited to IMRG retail members only, with the capacity for 15 attendees. All registrants will be reviewed prior to the event.

For more information, contact

Event Date 8th Oct 2019 to 8th Oct 2019
Event Time 08.00 to 10:30
Location London

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