IMRG Data Breakfast - Brexit: Planning the next phase for online retailers

'A horrible ending or an unending horror' - maybe it doesn't have to be either...

We are now just weeks away from the official scheduled date for Brexit (29 March), yet all conceivable options remain on the table.
Whatever the outcome, it’s very likely that there will be an impact on how we currently conduct cross-border trade with EU markets.
Join IMRG and GFS on the day before the scheduled date for Brexit as we consider what happens from this point on, and what you should be considering to mitigate Brexit risk and open the gateway to global ecommerce opportunity – at the same time.
What will I learn?
Get an objective view on what the different scenarios mean specifically for cross-border trade and to understand what decisive and proactive steps you can take to turn the major changes coming for UK businesses to advantage
We will address these questions among others:
  • Will I still be able sell into the EU?
  • Will my customers' rights change?
  • Ideas to combat EU customer jitters over buying form a UK business
  • Whose rules do I have to observe around consumer rights, payments, tax and data protection?
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The agenda will give you insight into these areas:
1) Customer experience & expectations – ensuring UK retailers take a proactive stance in retaining EU-based customers
a. Communications strategy talking to customers about changes and honouring existing rules and terms e.g. returns, refunds and costs
b. WTO rules and implementation – what it means to the customer
2) Delivery experience / issues – 
a. New ‘paperwork’
b. Returns – is it worth returning stock to UK – what happens if not
c. Local partners in place to resell stock?
d. Suspending / amending delivery promise over transition period 
3) Commercial questions – 
a. Impact on new taxes / duties on price point and margin
b. Marketing around honouring pre-Brexit prices – absorb new costs for intro period
c. Deal / No deal scenarios
At this event you’ll debate trends in this area and network with your peers – as well as enjoying a delicious spread of food

Who Should Attend?

Registration for this event is free for IMRG retail members – space is limited to 15 attendees. We may also invite one or two solution provider members who have specific knowledge and insight in this area.

Attendees will be provided with the location of the venue in a separate confirmation email.

For more information, contact

Event Date 28th Mar 2019 to 28th Mar 2019
Event Time 08.00 to 10:30
Location Central London

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