IMRG Data Report - UK Consumer Home Delivery Review 2019/20

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Welcome to the IMRG UK Consumer Home Delivery Review – 2019/20. Over the past 11 years this ‘deep-dive’ review has established a unique place in the area of online delivery research, asking more than 50 questions consistently focussed around online fulfilment and delivery. It not only provides a snapshot of the current position but offers this in the context of the evolving landscape, offering up to eleven years of trend data for many questions.

We survey over 2,000 UK households to benchmark current levels of customer satisfaction and expectation in regard to online delivery. The review has become a vital tool to help retailers shape their delivery proposition and anticipate future needs.

This report is supported by GFS, with the survey undertaken by IMRG's research partner Maru/Matchbox.

GFS is the trusted delivery partner behind some of the UK’s fastest growing ecommerce brands like Molton Brown, Dune, Superdrug and Mamas and Papas. Established in 2001, GFS is one of the largest global providers of multi-carrier, managed parcel services with GFS integrated technology solutions and proactive Customer Support as part of the service.

This comprehensive report covers the following topics:

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