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There have been many attempts to describe, succinctly, what modern retail looks like. The crux of the situation though is that the customer doesn’t care what we call it; to them it is just retail.

Consumers’ needs and expectations are changing and whilst the majority tend to change their behaviours slowly, digital, in all its forms, is accelerating this pace of change.

Events of early 2020, which saw the emergency stop of all physical retail, promote this change. Customer demand was still there, but in the sociallydistanced world of Covid-19, brands have to step up and facilitate this new reality.

A well-informed customer is demanding more of their relationships with brands. The brands by their turn, must now prioritise investment around customer need (and use), stay true to their proposition and invest in people.

This report highlights some of these changes and influences on changing customer behaviours. Our report partner, Proximis, provides thought leadership and we provide suggested actions for consideration.

Unified commerce is about breaking down the channel mentality within retail and putting the customer front and centre.

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