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With the largest global economy, a population of over 324 million and internet penetration of over 88%, the United States of America (US) is an attractive market by any measure. A strong and growing GDP per capita of over $56,000 and widespread use of English as a main language makes this multi-cultural market relatively easy to access. Its sheer size does present some challenges, with most of the population either on the west coast or in the east of the country. Four main time zones can make providing customer support a challenge, but internal infrastructure generally supports rapid communications.


Territory overview

World ecommerce rank 1

Capital Washington DC

Largest city New York City

Area 3,500,000 sq miles

Population 324 million

Components 50 states

Official language None; English is language of Government; Spanish (12.9%) also spoken widely

Gross domestic product $18.03 trn

Currency US Dollars (USD / $)

Internet TLD .us .gov .mil .edu .com

With the largest global economy, a world-leading technology sector, and an affluent middle class, the US is an attractive market to enter. Its population of over 309 million also represents a mixed cultural society, and whilst English is spoken by 72.6% of the population, 12.9% speak Spanish. The cultural makeup stems from the Americas’ mixed past, with colonial influences from Britain and France alongside South American, Caribbean and African cultures figuring widely.

Ranked in 2015 as the number one country for ecommerce, the US is driven by consumer demand with overall retail worth $4.83 tn, and web sales recorded as $394 bn, up 15.1% in 2015.

A market of over 300 million connected consumers is certainly worth aiming for, and we are ready to help you achieve your goals.

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