Switzerland eCommerce Country Guide

A guide that can help you improve your cross-border strategy

Foreword: Framework

by MS Direct AG, in cooperation with Seven Senders GmbH

Switzerland is globally renowned for quality and whilst being in the centre of Europe, isn’t always seen as the most obvious country to target for online retailers.

However, Switzerland has a lot to offer for retailers: Large purchasing power, a very mobile, multilingual and technophile consumer with a level of disposable income far beyond the European average. Combined with a natural tendency by the population to look beyond the domestic borders for products and services, there is more potential than would appear at first glance.

A stable economy, predictable legal framework, high quality communications and highly skilled workforce could make the country a good place to base a business. Many international businesses have already done so.

The same qualities also make the Swiss shopper an attractive and receptive audience. With a long tradition of making everything ‘just so’, retailers should be aware that whilst the average citizen would appear wealthier then their European counterparts, they appreciate value. A strong combination of price, quality and promise; with no hidden extras.

This country guide aims at taking the complexity out of the Swiss market by pointing out solutions to perfectly target the ecommerce sweet spot of Switzerland.

Starting by explaining the Swiss market in depth, understanding the customers’ mind set and challenges from a marketing, logistics and customs point of view it will help retailers all over Europe to smoothly enter the Swiss market.

“Switzerland is one of the countries with the highest purchasing power worldwide. In travel guides you can read that everything there is a bit nicer - the cities, the shops... that everything is a bit more punctual - the trains, the trams... And that everything is so diverse as the languages and the offer of cheese, chocolate and watches. But one should not be fooled by the Swiss tendency to belittlement: after all, Switzerland is the same size as the Netherlands, which probably no one would call small. The high purchasing power makes many foreign online retailers flirt with Switzerland and with its attractively lucrative market, However, before ecommerce can actually be successfully operated in the courted-for country, market hurdles stand in the way that may not be underestimated: Customs clearance, transport, returns logistics, fiscal representation and coordination with the authorities must mesh efficiently and smoothly.”


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Political and socio-economic environment

Online and mobile usage

Online shopping behaviours

Marketing and branding

Finance and payment

Legal framework and regulation

Logistics and delivery


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