Australia eCommerce Country Guide

A guide that can help you improve your cross-border strategy

Executive Summary

With a global outlook for trade and ecommerce, a multicultural society, Australia represents a key opportunity for many business sectors.

For retailers with eyes on international expansion, and particularly those that already have a web presence based on the English language, it is even more interesting as internet penetration is particularly high and nearly 40% of Australian consumers already buy products across borders.

This report explores some of the key statistics that will help merchants to understand the opportunity and some of the risks or pitfalls.

Australian Politics and Socio-Economics

Australia is a constitutional monarchy with federal division of powers. Consisting of 6 states and two territories, the country is ruled by a government based in the capital Canberra.

The Australian government sits for three years and voting is compulsory for those eligible to vote. With a growth rate of 1.8% per annum, the current population of c 24 million increases mainly due to immigration creating a strong demand from the ex pat community for products from home. With a multicultural society the population looks both east and west for those products. The majority of the population is based on the Eastern Seaboard.


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Political and socio-economic environment

Online and mobile usage



Custom clearance policy

Legal framework and regulation

Logistics and fulfilment


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