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Foolproof is an experience design company, part of Zensar, a global technology company, and we specialise in end-to-end digital product and service design for global brands, including clients like Evans Cycles, Adobe, Michael Kors, Selfridges. Starting with a lazer focus on customer value, we help retailers improve the digital and physical experiences they create for customers through primary research, mapping the customer journey and identifying areas to innovate through product and service design. We help organisations create a vision and roadmap for the future customer experience by building Proof of Concepts to get stakeholder buy in and investment. We are organised around three practices: Strategy and Planning, Design Research and Design and Build, with a team of over 150+ experience design professionals working from our global offices, and specialist partners around the world. Our expertise is in optimising ecommerce channels for increased customer satisfaction and business impact, and designing and building new end-to-end digital experiences from scratch. The result is evidence-driven design where both clients and customers are part of the design process to create new and better digital experiences. We’d love to help you solve any business challenge you may have, so get in touch and let’s start a conversation.

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